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Teacher Feature: Beverlyn Baer

Say hello to our newest Teacher Feature: Beverlyn Baer!  Learn some interesting tidbits about Beverlyn in her own words below.

🎒 I lived abroad for 8 years, 4 of which were spent as a nomad traveling around South America, Europe, the Middle East and India.

🕉 I have been teaching yoga at Cook County Jail for the past 2 years.

🐶🐱I am a huge animal lover and have fostered numerous cats and dogs.

🌿 I love going on adventures outdoors and finding plants that I can propagate to add to my indoor jungle.

 I’ve been vegetarian for nearly 18 years and vegan for nearly 8.

🎨🎼 I also love using my creativity to make music and crafts.

Beverlyn teaches at Yoga For All Beings on Mondays at 12PM and Sundays at 4:30PM.

Read more about Beverlyn in her full bio…

Beverlyn began her journey with yoga in 2010 at a small shala in central Tel Aviv. With a background in ballet and jazz dance, yoga offered a different type of physical demand and a different type of mental clarity than what she had become accustomed to in the dance world.

It was the connection that she began to feel, the mind-body experience, the humbleness and acceptance of the present moment that kept her coming back day after day. She has had the great fortune of being guided by beloved teachers, including James Marks, Roee Weiss, Rolf and Marci Naujokat, Balu Thevar, Gabriel Halpern, Alexia Bauer and Bridgett Piacenti. In 2014, she completed an Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin/Restorative Teacher Training Course (RYT 200) at Brahmani Yoga in Goa and has since focused primarily on making yoga accessible for every and anyone who is interested in using yoga to explore their world within.

She focuses on listening, paying attention to, and honoring the signals that the body sends, creating a deeper layer of mind-body connection. Her classes are trauma-informed, inclusive, and aim at taking a deeper look at mindful thought patterns, somatic awareness, and the strength and flexibility connected to resilience.

Teacher Feature: Christy DePue

Meet our latest Teacher Feature, Christy DePue! You can find Christy teaching at Yoga For All Beings on Tuesdays at 12pm. Learn a few fun facts about Christy in her own words…

🐱 I have two cats, Dinah and Hamilton. They are both rescues, but Hamilton is eternally skiddish and was born without a tail! He was named after a street names after the president, not the play! Dinah was named after Alice’s pet cat from Alice in Wonderland.

  In 2013 my now husband and I picked up and moved to Knoxville, Tennessee leaving my desk job behind. The year we lived there we discovered how much we loved hiking and we got engaged on top of House Mountain as a bad case a step throat was starting to hit me!

  The first time I ever tried yoga, I hated it! I fell in love with it years later when I discovered its magic of relieving my constant neck pain caused by scoliosis.

 Bicycling has been a hobby of mine all my life, but I was too afraid to bike when I moved to the city. It took one panic attack on the blue line to get past my fear and start riding again!

🌈 In addition to teaching adults, I also teach kids’ yoga. Working with little ones has helped show me how important it is to just let go, be silly and have fun! I love stepping into their world of make believe and leaving practicality behind.

Read more about Christy in her bio:

As a certified yoga instructor through YogaView, Christy was trained with a heavy emphasis on alignment, philosophy and meditation. A teacher to both adults and young children, she finds the light-heartedness and unpredictability of teaching children to be extremely valuable when teaching all ages as well as in her own life. Christy is always looking to learn and expand her own practice to be a better student and teacher. She seeks to share yoga with others to aid them in quieting their physical and sometimes emotional pains, and truly believes that yoga is for every age and every body.

3 Amazing Yoga Retreats

By Sarah Potzler

January 28th, 2015 via

Yoga retreats are an incredible way of experiencing different practices in a different setting. Travel helps remove us from our environment, and take our attention away from the daily routines. When we slow down, we allow ourselves to see the beauty around us, as well as within us. Yoga retreats are a change from the norm, a shift in perspective, and a reawakening for your soul. Your yoga mat becomes a magic carpet to see the world around you and help you recognize the infinite possibilities that lie within. If you’re due for a yoga adventure, these are three yoga retreats that I highly recommend.

1. Kamalaya (Thailand)

 Sarah P Kamalaya ThailandKamalaya is a yoga retreat set on a beautiful private beach on the Island of Koh Samui, in Thailand. Kamalaya means ‘Lotus Realm’, an ancient symbol for the growth and unfolding of the human spirit. Expect to experience a completely different culture through their food, spiritual ideals and unique scenery at this award winning resort. Kamalaya offers a variety of packages, ranging from 3-7 days, with pricing ranging from $1,675 USD to $7,550 USD. All packages include: daily yoga practices, breakfast lunch and dinner made fresh from the locals, and beautifully decorated rooms or beach front villas. There are many other amenities like infinity pools, a steam cavern, fitness center and spa.

2. Amansala Eco Chic Resort (Mexico)

Sarah P Amansala MexicoTulum, Mexico, is one of my favorite beaches on this Earth. With the most beautiful blue-green Caribbean water, white sand beaches, and Mayan ruins facing the ocean on the cliffside, there is a lot of magic here. On the beach, you will find Amansala Eco Chic Resort. There are several retreat packages offered at Amansala, all of them include daily yoga sessions, along with room and board, and touring the local sites! Amansala is most known for their bikini bootcamp, a self-explanatory way to get into shape in a breathtaking setting. The retreats vary in pricing from $1,800 – $3,850 USD all depending on how many days and how much yoga you want to do!

3. Sedona Yoga Retreat (Arizona)

Sarah P Sedona

Last but not least, one of the most magical places on earth: Sedona, Arizona. A dear yogi friend will be hosting the Sedona Yoga Retreat March 5 – March 8, 2015. This retreat will take place at the newly renovated and re-named Arabella Hotel Sedona. The retreat package is a 3-day event, filled with daily yoga and meditation practices, hikes through the scenic red rocks, along with goody bags provided by the hostess. The package pricing varies from $403 – $740 USD depending on occupancy and size of room desired. The package price includes yoga, meditation, breakfast, snacks and other hotel amenities. Sedona is an ideal place to practice yoga — a place full of energy vortexes, said to have meditative and healing effects that I am sure you will be visiting during this retreat! There are so many yoga retreats to choose from around the world! My selection humbly offers a sampling of a diversity of cultures and places that I have been to and enjoyed. Yet they all share the promise of a magical, unsurpassed experience that will unveil your soul in ways you have yet to discover, much like the destinations themselves. Enjoy, and happy travels!


Sarah P profile photoSarah Potzler is an artist, architect, photographer, writer, music lover, yogi and travel addict. She has been to 20 some countries and 5 continents in the last 3 years. “I still am jaw-dropped everywhere I go…Some more than others. Nowhere is the same… No one is the same. These differences intrigue me, and I try to capture them in my photography, as well as my writing to show the reflective growth traveling has had on me artistically as well as a human being.”