"I’m glad I invested in this Teacher Training and in myself because the benefits have truly been countless, but to name a few: a stronger practice on and off the mat, supportive friends, a foundation set of skills to teach yoga, amazing mentors, and a deeper appreciation of the greatness that can happen when you put your mind to it." - Maria V.
"The yoga room is bright, open, airy and provides a sense of calmness and peacefulness. The instructors at YFAB are all great. It doesn’t matter if you are new to yoga or if you have been doing it for years they are all non judgmental and provide an environment that is conducive to growth, change, and healing." - Sofia K.

Yoga Class Schedule – West Town Studio

Pre-registration is completely optional at Yoga For All Beings. You can sign up in advance for the yoga class you would like to take or just show up before hand. Our doors are open 15 minutes before class. We’ve got a lot of space in our yoga studio so don’t worry about pre-registering to save your spot.

Yoga mats and hand towels are available for rent at the studio for $2 each.

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