Special Classes/Events

Yoga Nidra 

Every 2nd Sunday of the Month

with Melissa Ahrens

6pm – 7:15pm

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a guided meditation that allows you to slow down mentally and feel better physically.  Since this is a guided meditation  (versus a silent mediation) practice, it makes it a little easier to keep your mind from wondering and less agitation occurs as the teacher takes you through points of focus and lays the groundwork for letting go and relaxing.  This meditative practice also includes restorative yoga poses to make it that much sweeter!
No experience necessary.  All are welcome.  This is a regularly priced yoga class that happens only once a month.

 Yin Yoga

Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month

with Jenni Antonicic


Yin yoga targets the body’s connective tissue. Unlike our Vinyasa (yang) practice, yin yoga is a slower paced class with long held passive poses doing wonders for joint health, flexibility, and mental focus.  This is a regularly priced yoga class that happens only once a month.


Balance & Bind

Sunday, January 28th


with Jenni Antonicic & Bethany Kibblesmith

Join Jenni & Bethany for a deep practice with postures combining binding and balance. Cultivate curiosity, strength, flexibility, concentration, wisdom, and a sense of humor in this physically challenging class. Explore how setting boundaries and accepting an initial sense of constraint can lead to increasing strength, flexibility, and presence. We’ll follow this 75 minute sequence with a sweet restorative savasana, pranayama, and visulization techniques for concentration and meditation. All students with some prior experience of yoga asana welcome.

Sign up online here.


Trauma & Tension Release Yoga

Saturday, February 3rd


with Danielle Dickinson

Based on the healing technique of T.R.E. (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises) from Dr. David Berceli this unique yoga class will incorporate your typical vinyasa flow with a specific focus on fatiguing the leg muscles and lengthening the psoas. After a 60 minute strong, all levels yoga class, we’ll move into positions where we’ll allow space for neurogenic tremoring. Class ends with a deeply relaxing savasana (final supine meditation).

Pranayama Workshop

Sunday, April 15th 


with Jessica Young


Details coming soon!