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Fall into Autumn with Grace and Ease


          The 2016 fall equinox took place on Thursday, September 22 and while it’s been a gentle yfab-lobby-flowertransition into the cooler season so far, the end of summer reminds us that life is full of change.  From long days full of sunlight and warmth to darker, chillier mornings and earlier sunsets, the inevitable change from summer to fall can be one that we tend to resist.  Although autumn is generally a welcomed season and one that brings along with it a slew of joyfulness (pretty leaves, chunky sweaters, fall boots, pumpkin everything, Halloween and warm beverages just to name a few), we might still catch ourselves clinging to summer’s past.   Consciously opening up to the seasonal changes ahead can allow us to open up to any other changes that might also be occurring in our lives externally or even shifts that may be occuring deep within us, internally.

The excess of light energy
from summer is becoming balanced with the dark energy of autumn and we, too can wind down to match the rhythm of the changing seasons.  Not only do we experience impermanence in mother nature, but impermanence is also the nature of the human condition.  Because change is the only constant, it would serve us best to remain unattached to the things we love even when it feels so natural to cling to them.  The transition from summer to fall is a special opportunity for us to tune in to the changes that might be happening deep within us in addition to the more obvious changes that are taking place around us.