Teacher Feature: Denise D’Agostino

Meet Yoga For All Beings teacher Denise D’Agostino! We are so fortunate to have this lovely yogini on our team. If you haven’t made it in to one of her classes yet, you’re missing out!  Learn a little more about Denise below…

-Denise used to have severe & almost daily migraines until she found nutrition and yoga as a young person. She has been fully vegan for over a decade!

-She loves music and has studied singing since college.

-Denise is a committed Ashtangi and loves the discipline and progression of the daily practice.

-Denise hopes to bring others the gifts of self inquiry that yoga asana and philosophy have and continue to give her.

Meet Denise on the mat at YFAB on Thursdays at 12pm for All Levels Vinyasa and find her subbing other classes at the studio as well!

Read Denise’s full yoga biography here:

Denise guides her students towards the natural balance, peace and potent, unconditional bliss in body and mind that the yogic teachings have to share. She started her health journey when severe allergies and migraines consumed her life during college. Through the help of self-study on nutrition and lifestyle, she was able to slowly unravel her feelings of sickness and to begin a corporate career in NYC. After moving to Chicago, she began a more regular practice of yoga battling stress and the feeling of being overworked, which quickly left her partially transformed and curious about this vast “new” world of experiential knowledge called yoga. Moksha Yoga Studios opened her entire world up to the classical, pure roots of yoga where she received her 200hr training. She is a committed Ashtangi and enjoys a strong but healing practice.

In class, you will experience the full integrity of the physical postures, ease of the breath and tools to explore the inner self. Denise aims to guide each individual towards discovering his or her unchanging spirit in a safe and nurturing environment. It will be a gift to teach you!

Find Denise online at https://www.facebook.com/DAGyoga/


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