Teacher Training


Yoga For All Beings’ next Yoga Alliance Approved 200 Hour Teacher Training open for enrollment will take place January – July 2019!

Join experienced Chicago yoga teachers Danielle Dickinson, Jenni Antonicic, and Bethany Kibblesmith plus a few wonderful guest teachers, for an in depth exploration of the ancient and ever evolving practice of yoga.  Begin to lay the groundwork for your own inner transformation and gain a lifetime of tools for better living.

YFAB 200 Hour Teacher Training meets the requirements for Yoga Alliance and is an officially registered Yoga Alliance School.  All trainees who complete the requirements of Yoga For All Beings Teacher Training will receive an official yoga teacher certificate and will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance as a certified, registered, and recognized yoga teacher.

YFAB’s teacher training covers a variety of topics that include both lecture and experiential learning on all aspects of the yoga practice. All eight limbs of yoga will be covered, not just the physical poses.  Trainees will learn how to refine their own practice (including their asana and their meditation practice).  Once trainees have a good grip on working with postures and sequences in their own bodies and have been guided to understand how to bring yogic principles into their own lives, they then learn how to skillfully and confidently guide others on their journey into the vast world of yoga.

More specifically, Yoga For All Beings 200 Hour Teacher Training covers in depth asana review (break down of physical poses) as well as posture modifications, variations and prop use. Training covers some basic but important human anatomy and physiology and meditation and mindfulness practices are taught and experienced first hand.  Much of training time is also spent on the sequencing of vinyasa style yoga classes (of varying levels) including learning how to develop and plan your own yoga classes from scratch.  In addition, there are training days dedicated to learning about and experiencing prenatal yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga nidra.  A review on other styles of yogasana (besides vinyasa) is also discussed and trainees are even given a homework assignment to go out and explore a different style of yoga on their own by taking a class outside of YFAB, which is then followed by a group discussion of what kind of experiences/reactions everyone had in these different types of classes.  YFAB teacher training also touches on yoga for different populations including how to adjust poses/classes based on a variety of potential student conditions, body types, limitations, ages, skill levels, etc.  Trauma sensitive yoga and an overview of trauma and it’s affects on the physical as well as emotional body is also reviewed and trainees experience a trauma sensitive yoga class and are exposed to other methods of releasing and healing trauma through yoga.  YFAB’s teacher training includes both practice sequencing and practice teaching… first in group and/or partner settings and eventually on their own.

Toward the very end of training, each teacher trainee will teach their very own, personally developed 75 minute All Levels Vinyasa class to the training group (during scheduled training hours).  Leading up to these classes much time is dedicated toward helping trainees refine their individual sequences, allowing them to ask any questions to the teacher trainers or to have the trainers review the final class each trainee has put together.  After graduation day, as a part of certification requirements (for those who will be pursing teaching and choose this route) each teacher graduate will be required to teach one free community class at Yoga For All Beings.  These community classes are 60 minute all levels vinyasa classes that are open to the public.

Yoga teacher training is not just for those looking to teach yoga, but is open to anyone looking to delve deeper into their practice and to have a greater understanding for the practice of yoga as a whole. You will not only walk away feeling confident in teaching yoga to the public, but you’ll have a newfound knowledge of how to implement the practice into your own daily life, on and off the mat.

During the first 3 months of teacher training, YFAB trainees receive an unlimited yoga membership (which is a 3 month value of $420) as well as a discount on YFAB workshops.  During the training dates, trainees also have the privilege of storing their yoga mat at the studio in our mat storage unit.

Teacher training meetings are held at the yoga studio, located at 508 N. Hoyne Ave. Teacher trainees are allowed access to the staff fridge to store snacks and drinks on training days.  There is also a great vegan restaurant located directly across the street from Yoga For All Beings called Upton’s Breakroom as well as many other near by restaurants, cafes and markets.

Schedule for the upcoming

200 hr Teacher Training:

January ’19- July ’19

One Wednesday/Month 6:30pm-9pm

Every Other Saturday*  1pm-6pm

 Opposite Sundays*  1pm-6pm

*When there is a Saturday training, we will be off on Sunday (the following day) and when there is a Sunday training we will be off on Saturday (the preceding day).

The total cost for Yoga For All Beings 200 Hour Teacher Training is $3,200.  You can sign up for this training online or in person at the studio.  We also have payment plan options and no interest is incurred for those using payment plans or credit cards.

The first step in proceeding with this training is to fill out our application.  To proceed with this process, please download the YTT application and email it to Danielle at info@yogaforallbeings.com.

For questions about this teacher training, please don’t hesitate to contact Danielle Dickinson at info@yogaforallbeings.com.

We are so proud of our last graduating class from our Fall ’17/Winter ’18 Session! 


Read a TESTIMONIAL from former Teacher Trainee and now current YFAB Yoga Teacher Maria V. 

Six years ago, I went to my first yoga class and realized I really liked this stuff! It took one class for me to become hooked. I was lucky. I had a great teacher for that first class and although there were would be some teachers that I didn’t always vibe with, it didn’t deter me from coming back to my mat. Flash forward to May 2015 when I heard that Yoga for All Beings was going to start a teacher training. The decision to sign up for the teacher training wasn’t an easy one. I wondered if I knew enough about yoga. I wondered about how much of a commitment it would be. I wondered if the fact that I can’t do a handstand would hold me back. All this wondering led me to believe that if I was thinking about it so much maybe it was something that I wanted to do and all of this stuff that I was ‘wondering’ about were reasons to actually go ahead and do it. So I did.  I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity to grow and learn more about my practice and begin to acquire the skills to teach others about yoga. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew I was in good hands with Danielle, Melissa and Jenni.

I do not regret my choice. I have loved learning about proper alignment, pranayama (breathing!), the yamas & niyamas, all the variations of yoga that there are, and so much more. Most of all I have loved being part of a community. Danielle along with the other teachers and my fellow teacher trainees in the program have shown up for one another, have listened to and learned from one another. A safe place to learn, grow and ask questions was created. I could not have asked for a better experience.

This session of teacher training will be culminating at the end of the month. I have to be honest and say that I’m excited to sleep in on a Sunday morning again, but I am also going to miss having the time set aside to delve deep and ask questions about yoga, or a pose, or something that happened in a class that I found interesting/confusing. I’m glad I invested in this Teacher Training and in myself because the benefits have truly been countless, but to name a few: a stronger practice on and off the mat, supportive friends, a foundational set of skills to teach yoga, amazing mentors, and a deeper appreciation of the greatness that can happen when you put your mind to it.