Private TRE & Yoga Sessions at Yoga For All Beings

Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises, or TRE, facilitates the lengthening and relaxing of the psoas muscle.  TRE was originally developed to address the impacts of traumatic experiences on the body. We have come to learn, however, that TRE benefits all people. Hurtful experiences, daily stress, and built up tension are a part of everyone’s life. We often do not realize how these experiences are etched deep in the mind and body.

TRE, unlike other modalities, is designed to rid the body of deeply held physical tension. It brings the body back to a natural balance where all the systems are working in harmony. New benefits of TRE reveal themselves everyday, as the body releases tension and traumatic events. Healing occurs on many different levels – both physical and emotional.

Private TRE Sessions

Yoga teacher and studio owner, Danielle Dickinson is certified in TRE and is available for private sessions at her Chicago yoga studio Yoga For All Beings.  To schedule a TRE session contact Danielle at

Individual TRE Sessions are $85 and sessions are one hour long.  There are no pre-requisites for the TRE practice.  It is accessible to everyone and the practice can be adapted for those with injuries, limitations, etc.  The yoga studio is fully equipped with mats, blankets and other props to make your TRE experience as comfortable as possible.


Private Yoga & TRE Sessions

If you are interested in incorporating yoga into your TRE practice, Danielle can tailor your session to combine both healing modalities.  For Yoga + TRE Sessions the cost is $100/hour.

To schedule a private TRE, yoga or Yoga + TRE session, email Danielle at

To learn more about TRE and its founder Dr. David Berceli visit